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Please allow 2-5 days for products, then, the following shipping times apply:

CountryDelivery TimeCovid Delivery Time
Australia6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Austria6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Belgium6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Brazil25-30  Workdays15-25  Workdays
Bulgaria6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Canada8-15  Workdays10-15  Workdays
Chile10-17  Workdays10-17  Workdays
Colombia11-19  Workdays11-19  Workdays
Croatia6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Czech republic6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Denmark6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Estonia6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Finland6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
France6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Greece8-12  Workdays10-15  Workdays
Hungary6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Ireland6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Israel6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Italy6-10  Workdays8-10  Workdays
Japan5-8  Workdays5-8  Workdays
Latvia6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Lithuania6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Luxembourg6-10  Workdays8-10  Workdays
Malaysia5-8  Workdays5-10  Workdays
Malta6-10  Workdays10-15  Workdays
Mexico8-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Netherlands6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
New Zealand20-30 Workdays30-35 Workdays
Norway8-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Philippines4-8  Workdays5-10  Workdays
Poland6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Portugal6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Romania6-10  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Singapore5-8  Workdays5-8  Workdays
Slovakia6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Slovenia6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
South Africa6-8  Workdays12-18  Workdays
Spain6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Sweden6-10  Workdays6-10  Workdays
Switzerland5-8  Workdays8-12  Workdays
Thailand7-9  Workdays7-10  Workdays
UK6-10  Workdays5-8  Workdays
USA6-10  Workdays7-10  Workdays
Vietnam6-8  Workdays6-8  Workdays

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